About Us

“Our philosophy is to protect your home like we protect ours through our innovative and intelligent security solutions. We pride ourselves on our excellence, commitment, loyalty and passion to fully provide you with the highest quality security systems you truly deserve.”


 Welcome to SafeNOW Security!!

 Our Slogan is One Family Protecting Another.

 Our Values are Excellence, Commitment, Loyalty & Passion.

SafeNow Security is centrally located at Irving, Texas also serving Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington. When choosing between home security companies in these areas, we stand second to none in providing quality business security systems, wireless home security alarm systems, home surveillance systems via CCTV cameras and home automation system.

Our Services include comprehensive risk assessment and full advisory assistance on our range of security systems suitable for your home or business security needs. We also provide complete installation process, consistent monitoring and maintenance services, and unparalleled customer support. We are currently servicing several clients in Irving, Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas, but we also work further afield across neighboring cities in the state.

Our Products are designed with features and benefits of the self-contained security and home automation systems from 2GIG technology and Alarm.com innovation. We are able to provide you with a color touch screen, GSM radio and Z-Wave chip, GO!Control panel which is the most advanced system on the market. Our home security alarm systems, business security systems, home surveillance systems via CCTV cameras and home automation systems allows you to experience a unique wireless system that does away with Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines, offer the benefits of Z-wave automation and Geo-services that let you enjoy a more secure, cost-effective lifestyle, and our Crash and Smash Program that will have you stay connected even if criminals tamper your alarm systems.

Our Installation Agents are trained and skilled to perform systems installation. Good thing we have designed the perfect security system and you have chosen SafeNow Security to install your automation and security solutions. At SafeNow Security, we take pride on our expert engineers and technicians who are guaranteed to provide you nothing but the best quality installation performance.

Our Price is extremely competitive and reasonable and we never charge you for any product or service you are not satisfied with. We understand “budget” is essential, so our bespoke products and services balance the risks, needs and your insurer’s requirements. SafeNow Security will take you through the process to give you the most cost-effective security solution. You can rest easy that your peace of mind is our priority.

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